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Handmade Totem Poles
by Steve Thompson

Totem Poles Gallery 3...

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Oak Rabbit Totem Pole
The "Rabbit" is a totem pole carved from a red oak that combines realism with surreal art. The faces wrap around the pole so that when displayed it can be viewed in the round.
Baseball Tiki
"Baseball Tiki" is a black walnut hand carved baseball player, complete with hands holding a bat and a hat with his teamís signature. This gem stands over five feet tall.

Walnut Totem Pole
Detail - Walnut Totem Pole
The black walnut "Moose Dog" features carvings in the round. At seven feet tall with two surreal moose faces and a dog icon at the top, this unique carving includes Kokopelli dancers, a bird symbol and a rabbit. When you see it you canít help but smile!
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